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Glasses 4 U - Choosing Contact Lenses

The nature of contact lenses means that they are incredibly specific to the users’ needs. Whilst one brand or type of lens might be ideal for one user, to another it might be completely unsuitable. For this reason, it is essential to research all types of contact lenses and their specific benefits. Facets such as the shape of the lens, its material, the solution used and the manufacturer of the lens are crucial elements of deciding which contact lens to use, and so should be taken into consideration when purchasing contact lenses. Whilst some of the following aspects of contact lenses may be cared for by your eyecare specialist, it is still important to know what is being taken into consideration in case of problems with the lenses.

Firstly, the base curve of the contact lens should fit your eye exactly. If it doesn’t, then the vision correction that the contact lens provides can appear distorted or unclear. Every person’s eyes are a different shape and size, and whilst many contact lens brands have a general shape that can fit the majority of eyes, if you have a more curved or flatter cornea, these might not fit.

Secondly, the power of the lens is important. Depending on whether you are severely short or long sighted, the lens may need to be more powerful than usual, which aren’t available on all brands. Whilst your optician will assess your needs with regards to long or short sighted contact lenses, it is important to know that you might need such high powered lenses when looking at the prices of certain brands.