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Glasses 4 U - Frames

Gone are the days when every UK schoolkid had Harry Potter style nhs frames and adults had a limited choice of very unfashionable frames. Now there is a very wide choice of frames at reasonable prices from a wide range of designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calin Klein. There are glasses frames available to fit every budget and if you buy your glasses online, they can work out even cheaper.

One of the most fashionable styles at the moment are frames with chunky plastic arms as in the Daquiri range pictured right.

It's most important though to find the type of frame that suits their face and personality the best. For some people John Lennon style glasses look great - but not for others. nSome people prefer plastic frames, others are happier with metal frames.

One problem when going into the High Street optician is that if you are short sighted, you need to look in the mirror to see what the new glasses look like without your prescription lenses. Some retailers now have equipment that will take a photo of you with the glasses you are trying on. Some online retailers have software whiuch involves you uploading a photo of yourself and then selecting different frames to see which look best overrlaid on your photo.



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